Get Your Own Parody Song

Like the parody songs you’ve seen on this site? How would you like me to create a personalized parody song just for you? It makes the perfect gift for a friend or a loved one.

All I need is:

  • Title / artist of the song you want me to parody
  • A general description of the content you want me to use in the song lyrics (if it’s about a person, then give me the person’s name and some character traits or stories that we can use in the song)
  • A week to create the song for you. You will be allowed one change (since editing songs is quite time consuming).
  • $49 USD

I’ll then send you the song in MP3 format to use as you please. Interested? Click the button below to send me your payment, then fill out the form below that.

Have any questions? Then fill out the form below first, before making your payment.

4 thoughts on “Get Your Own Parody Song

  1. Hi. Are u currently still making parody songs? I’m after a parody that I can do as a drag number and make a fun video aswell..


    Mitzy (drag personality)

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