iPhone 5 Ain’t New

While the previous video was made before the iPhone 5 was released, this one was made after it’s release (hence the footage of fans lining up for the iPhone 5). A lot of people were expecting more “innovation” from Apple, and there seemed to be a sense of disappointment that the iPhone 5 wasn’t “new” enough. I decided to build off that theme for this video. Enjoy!

Apple iPhone 5 GANGNAM Style

This video was created to combine the popularity of PSY’s Gangnam Style video with the launch of the iPhone 5. In order to launch the video on time (just before the Sept 12 launch), I had to use mockups of the iPhone 5 that were posted online. I was also betting that the device would actually be called the iPhone 5.

Fortunately the mockups were pretty close to the actual look of the device, and thankfully the device was indeed called the iPhone 5!

Apple – Samsung Parody “Put a Patent on It”

I created this video as a take on the recent victory by Apple against Samsung in the court room. Apple is fiercely protective over their ideas, trade dress and of course patents. The reaction from Samsung (and Android supporters) is that the victory is unfair since “you can’t patent rectangles”. Well the bottom line is that Apple was able to patent what they did (fairly or unfairly) so the real question should be whether such patents should be allowed in the first place. I’m sure this is not the last battle between them, so it’ll be interesting to see how this all plays out over the next few months.